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      Common faults and maintenance methods of hydraulic bender

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        Hydraulic bending machine is the basic equipment for sheet metal processing, but also the most common one of the general equipment, the use of large, then mechanical equipment in the long-term use will appear this or that problem, small make up for you to summarize the hydraulic bending machine is the most prone to part of the problem, and its solution.For your reference.

        (1)The damper hole is blocked and the main pressure relief valve of the system fails.Improper adjustment, spring break, valve core cone seal is not good or valve core stuck.Clean, grind, adjust, overhaul or replace the relief valve.The solenoid directional valve is out of order.Clean, grind or replace slide valve.
        (2)The sliding block does not move but can rely on the self-weight downward axial piston pump can not supply pressure oil: oil rod is short of oil;Maintenance start button, motor fails to start.Ac contactors and thermal relays and motors;Plunger pump itself failure, demolition or replacement of plunger pump。
        (3)Main oil overflow valve failure.It may be that the damping hole is not adjusted properly, the spring is broken or the valve heart rusts and gets stuck.The overflow valve should be adjusted, repaired or replaced。
        (4)The hand wheel of the air release valve is not parallel to the sliding block, and the air is in the balance cylinder.After filling oil and removing air, loosen the drain valve。
        (5)Vent valve leakage, disassembly check the valve cone seal, repair or replace the vent valve。
        (6)Check the sealing of the conical surface of the check valve. It is better to grind the sealing surface of the conical surface with line contact or replace the check valve。
        (7)Bending machine balance cylinder piston rod head oblique iron fastening screws loose, inspection and strong piston rod head oblique iron fastening screws。
        2.Hydraulic bending machine maintenance method
        (1)The slide block cannot downward and the solenoid directional valve cannot reverse.Repair or replace loose housing screws.Check the circuit and tighten it;The valve heart of the reversing valve is stuck.Clean, grind or replace slide valve.
        (2)One-way throttle valve core stuck or closed maintenance cleaning。
        (3)The slider can only be used to repair or replace the fixing screw of the tightening housing.The solenoid directional valve cannot change direction.The valve core is stuck.Clean and grind or replace the slide valve;No action or loosening of shell fixing screw.Check the circuit。
        (4)The valve core of the hydraulic control check valve is jammed.Maintenance, hydraulic control check valve can not open.Clean or replace。
        (5)Maybe the spring is loose.Tighten pressure relay handwheel clockwise, pressure relay fault.Compression spring。
        (6)Piston cylinder piston seal ring wear seriously.Replace the sealing ring。
        The use of hydraulic bending machine should pay attention to what problems using hydraulic bending machine must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, with the hydraulic bending machine for processing attention is: to pay attention to the position of the processing mode and in a variety of position in the processing mode after the regulation of the operation mode, such as:
        (1) During the bending of the die, the back gauge needs to be pulled back to prevent the workpiece from deforming during the bending process.(2) large workpiece internal bending, because the workpiece shape is large, and the bending area is small, so that the tool and the bending area is difficult to coincide, resulting in bending workpiece positioning difficult or bending workpiece damage;
        (2)In order to avoid the above situation, a certain location can be added in the vertical direction of processing, so that the two directions of positioning processing, processing location is convenient, and avoid the damage of the workpiece, such a processing method improves the safety of processing, and improve the production efficiency。
        (3)When bending small size, please pay attention to whether the upper die and the rear setting are interfered (the interference range of the front and back mounting of each kind of cutter is different).。

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