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      How to avoid hydraulic bending machine failure

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         Hydraulic bending machine failure or to prevent the main, some customers in the procurement of hydraulic bending machine after just blindly use, never maintenance will not pay attention to avoid causing hydraulic bending machine failure factors, so they use hydraulic bending machine failure rate is higher.So hydraulic bending machine bending vendors would task failure or 匛 is given priority to, to make your hydraulic bending machine to achieve the longest service life.Faults in hydraulic systems are usually caused by three things: pollution, air entry and overheating.

        1.Keep hydraulic oil of hydraulic bender clean and reduce pollution
        Hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil to be correctly selected to prevent hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil into the dirt and impurities.Hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil is not only the medium of the hydraulic system, but also the lubricant, so it has a great impact on the cleaning of the oil and the performance of the system, the reliability of the hydraulic components and service life.The main causes of hydraulic oil pollution of hydraulic bending machine: first, the external parts of hydraulic actuator is dirty, debris into the hydraulic system;Second, did not use the filter when refueling filter;Third, the containers used are unclean;The fourth is to check the oil level when the impurities enter;Five is the serious wear and tear and damage of the seal can not be replaced in time;Six is the inspection repair produces the impurity iron filings and other impurities clean not clean;Seven is improper oil storage, sundries into the tank, such as water.In the use and inspection and maintenance process, bear in mind to pay attention to the above problems, can reduce the occurrence of the hydraulic system fault.
        2 Prevent hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil mixed with air, causing cavitation phenomenon
        Hydraulic oil hydraulic bending machine compressibility is very low, but the air compressibility is large, if the hydraulic system contains a small amount of air, the system performance has a great impact.Air dissolved in water, when the pressure is low, will overflow a large number of bubbles, the formation of cavitation phenomenon;If the pressure is high, under the impact of the pressure, the bubble will burst quickly and produce explosion noise, and at the same time release a lot of heat energy, causing the destruction of components and oil heating.In order to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system, the following must be done: first, the return pipe is inserted below the oil level;Two is to prevent loose joint, seal damage;Third, when refueling to the fuel tank, avoid incorrect refueling method;Four is to avoid the hydraulic pump inlet fine filter caused by oil absorption resistance, dissolved gas can not be separated.
        3 Prevent hydraulic oil temperature of hydraulic bender from excessive
        Hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil temperature control between 40 ℃ 80 ℃, if above 80 ℃, for a long time can cause the oil viscosity is low, easy to leak, cause high temperature in the hydraulic components, due to its short service life.Want to consider each respect factor adequately on choosing radiator so.The oil viscosity is selected, want to consider, the energy loss in the high viscosity increasing oil flow, low viscosity will multiply leak, so when use should pay attention to and regular inspection, to prevent the oil temperature is too high, and regularly of hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil filter, regular inspection, so that can guarantee the workability of the hydraulic system, also can reduce the wear and corrosion of hydraulic components, prolong the life span of the hydraulic system.
        Bending machine is divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and hydraulic bending machine.Hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: torsion shaft synchronization, machine - hydraulic synchronization, and electro - hydraulic synchronization.Hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: moving up, moving down.The platform is composed of a base and a clamp plate. The base is connected to the clamp plate by means of hinges. The base is composed of a housing, a coil and a cover plate.The following points should be noted during operation:
      1.Strictly abide by the safe operation rules of machine tools, and wear labor protection articles according to the regulations。
      2.Before starting, check whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal and firm, and check whether the control parts and buttons of the equipment are in the correct position.
      3.Check the fit and firmness of upper and lower molds;Check whether all locating devices meet the requirements of machining.
      4.When the upper slide and each positioning axis are not at the state of origin, run the program back to the origin。
      5.After the equipment is started, it will run empty for 1-2 minutes, and the upper skateboard will run for 2-3 times with full stroke. If abnormal sounds or faults are found, it shall stop immediately and troubleshoot the faults, and then it can work normally。
      6.When working, it shall be under the unified command of one person to ensure close cooperation between the operator and the material feeding and pressing personnel and ensure that the bending signals are sent out by the personnel in a safe position。
      7.Sheet material must be compacted during bending to prevent it from turning up and hurting people。
      8.The power supply must be cut off when the die is adjusted。
      9.When changing the opening of the variable bottom die, no material is allowed to contact the bottom die。
      10.When the machine is working, people are not allowed to stand at the rear of the machine。
      11.It is strictly prohibited to press and fold the plate at one end alone。
      12.When the workpiece or mould is found out to be out of alignment during operation, it shall be stopped for correction. Manual correction during operation is strictly prohibited to prevent hand injury。
      13.It is forbidden to fold ultra-thick iron sheet or quenched steel sheet, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and sheet material exceeding the performance of sheet bending machine to avoid damage to the machine tool。
      14.Check the fit of upper and lower molds frequently;Whether the indication of pressure gauge conforms to the regulation。


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